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(noun)Variations: amputheater, amputheatreEtymology: from Latin amputare, from am-, amb- (around) + putare (to reduce, prune)andfrom Middle English theater, from Middle French, from Latin theatrum, from Greek theatron, from theasthai (to see), from thea (act of seeing)Date of very first Recorded use: unknown1 (a): an outdoor structure for community observance associated with medical excision of every of a various quantity of actual extremities in old Greece and Rome (b): any location, area, or edifice when it comes to watching of a surgery in nature of elimination of corporeal muscle, ie. mostly when it comes to limb removal2: a broad sphere of enactment associated with medical, or perhaps, distachment of living tissue3 (a): a figurative location, world of impact, or reference point from which a conference is described to possess had the enough amount and amount of accidental or deliberate assault, malevolence, angst, etc. to advise removal of a limb, digit, phallic accessory, etc. (b) any entity containing the possibility to cause these types of great discomfort, emotional or real anguish, distress, or a number of relevant problems, to be able to be reminiscent of bodily structure excision or mutilation (c) any entity actually in charge of or with the capacity of getting rid of or mutilating limbs or perhaps