What does amphiboly mean?

amphiboly meaning in General Dictionary

uncertain discourse amphibology

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  • an ambiguous grammatical construction; e.g., `they are flying planes' often means either that some body is traveling airplanes or that something is flying planes
  • Ambiguous discourse; amphibology.

amphiboly meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Any fallacy as a result of ambiguity of grammatical building (as distinguished from ambiguity of single words), a premiss becoming accepted, or proved, based on one explanation associated with grammatical construction, after which used in an easy method which will be correct just on such basis as another explanation of grammatical construction. -- A.C.

amphiboly meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Ambiguous discourse; amphibology.

Sentence Examples with the word amphiboly

AMPHIBOLOGY, or Amphiboly (Gr.

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