What does amphibian mean?

amphibian meaning in General Dictionary

among Amphibia

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  • Of or with respect to the Amphibia as amphibian reptiles
  • relating to or feature of animals associated with the course Amphibia
  • a plane designed to lose and land on water
  • a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that will travel on land or liquid
  • cold-blooded vertebrate typically residing on land but reproduction in liquid; aquatic larvae undergo metamorphosis into adult type
  • Of or regarding the Amphibia; as, amphibian reptiles.
  • among the Amphibia.

amphibian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "having two modes of existence, of skeptical nature," from Greek amphibia, neuter plural of amphibios "living a double life," from amphi- "of both types" (see amphi-) + bios "life" (see bio-). Formerly utilized by zoologists to describe a variety of blended natures (including otters and seals), the biological good sense "class of creatures between fishes and reptiles that reside both on land and in liquid" while the noun derivative both are very first taped 1835. Amphibia was used in this sense from c.1600 and contains been a zoological category since c.1819.

amphibian meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a phrase used to make reference to an animal, frequently a reptile, that begins breathing with the help of gills and develops into an animal with the capacity of breathing through lung area like a mammal.

amphibian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or pertaining to the Amphibia; because, amphibian reptiles.

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  • (n.) Among Amphibia.

Sentence Examples with the word amphibian

Statement that the amphibian has been imprisoned in a solid rock.

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