What does amour mean?

amour meaning in General Dictionary

Love affection

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  • a usually secretive or illicit intimate relationship
  • like; affection.
  • intercourse; a love event; generally, an unlawful link crazy; a love intrigue; an illicit romance.

amour meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "love," from Old French amour, from Latin amorem (nominative amor) "love, love, strong friendly sensation" (it could be made use of of sons or brothers, but specifically of sexual love), from amare "to love" (see Amy). The accent changed 15c.-17c. towards the very first syllable as term became nativized, after that changed right back as dirty or fascinating sense became major as well as the word was considered becoming a euphemism. A typical ME word for love, later on accented

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  • darling [form of address]

amour meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) admiration; love.

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  • (n.) sex; a love event; usually, an unlawful link crazy; a love intrigue; an illicit relationship.

Sentence Examples with the word amour

After her amour with Zeus, Electra fled to the Palladium as a suppliant, but Athena, enraged that it had been touched by one who was no longer a maiden, flung Electra and the image from heaven to earth, where it was found by Ilus, and taken by him to Ilium; according to another tradition, Electra herself took it to Ilium, and gave it to her son Dardanus (Schol.

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