What does amorphous mean?

amorphous meaning in General Dictionary

Having no determinate form of unusual shapeless

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  • lacking the machine or construction feature of living bodies
  • having no definite type or distinct shape
  • ambiguous because obscure or badly organized
  • (of several individuals or a business) unorganized or unfocused
  • without real or obvious crystalline form
  • Having no determinate type; of unusual; shapeless.
  • Without crystallization in the ultimate texture of a solid substance; uncrystallized.
  • Of no certain type or personality; anomalous.

amorphous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"shapeless," 1731, from contemporary Latin amorphus, from Greek amorphos "without type, shapeless, deformed," from a- "without" (see a- (3)) + morphe "form" (see Morpheus). Related: Amorphously; amorphousness.

amorphous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having no determinate form; of irregular; shapeless.

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  • (a.) Without crystallization within the ultimate surface of an excellent substance; uncrystallized.
  • (a.) Of no particular type or character; anomalous.

Sentence Examples with the word amorphous

It is a colourless, amorphous solid, which is almost insoluble in water, its solubility diminishing with increasing temperature; it is appreciably soluble in concentrated sulphuric acid.

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