What does amoniaco mean?

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In Venezuela, title given to low-quality cannabis brought in from colombia in pressed, tape-wrapped bricks which generally body weight one kilo and value about $100-$120. Because of the scale where it's produced, the grass is of the cheapest feasible high quality and practically maybe not apt for individual consumption. Colour can differ from an extremely dark-green with a somewhat pleasent scent rather than so bad flavor, to brownish with heavy ammonia odor, and terrible style, ergo title. It is really not unusual to find feathers, pebbles or pubic tresses squeezed in the buds. It's plenty of seeds, between 10 to 40 per rolled joint, and a lot of stems also. This is why, moving a joint may take around 10 minutes, it may simply take also longer may be the quality is indeed bad your seeds have broken into hundreds of little bits, in this situation when you light the joint the grass will taste like seeds and you wont have the ability to smoke cigarettes it also believed you invested 20 mins moving it. Better (perhaps not best) high quality homegrown buds are becoming more common each day but expense 70 times more (about $7 per gram), what this means is a proper pothead can simply spend equivalent to the complete minumum monthly income just in weed. Because if this 99per cent of cannabis consumers right here smoke cigarettes amoniaco.