What does ammoniac mean?

ammoniac meaning in General Dictionary

The tangible liquid gum resin of an umbelliferous plant the Dorema ammoniacum it really is brought mainly from Persia by means of yellowish rips which occur singly or are aggregated into masses This has a peculiar odor and a nauseous nice style accompanied by a bitter one it really is inflammable partly dissolvable in water plus nature of wine and it is found in medicine as an expectorant and resolvent and also for the development of specific plasters

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  • Of pertaining or containing ammonia or having its properties as an ammoniac sodium ammoniacal gas
  • pertaining to or containing or much like ammonia
  • the aromatic gum for the ammoniac plant
  • Alt. of Ammoniacal
  • Alt. of Gum ammoniac

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ammoniac meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Ammoniacal

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  • (n.) Alt. of Gum ammoniac

Sentence Examples with the word ammoniac

Thus in the Speculum Naturale of Vincent of Beauvais (c. 1250) it is said that there are four spirits - mercury, sulphur, arsenic and sal ammoniac - and six bodies - gold, silver, copper, tin, lead and iron.

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