What does ammar Ammar Ammar ammar mean?

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An Arabic name used to describe some body with great skill or talent, or you with a top amount of road cred and 'cool'. The word Ammar originates from the Arabic term "to create", which type of means this person is a god. An Ammar usually can makes girl fall only on reference to a name. The most famous of those Ammar folk is the one called ammaro. A Muslim name given to somebody with high credibility, an individual who is "legit" and contains many street representative and "cool". The beholder of this name's great with girls and is attractive and strong. An "Ammar" can get women quickly due to his well toned human anatomy. "Ammars" tend to be produced frontrunners in addition they make great choices. People with the name "Ammar" must be extremely respected. The name "Ammar" originates from a-root word indicating make. An Ammar usually drops for smart and good looking women. Somebody who tends to make all of the females swoon, the males envious. In what you ask? Their undesired facial hair. It creates Ashton Kutcher envious. a commonly used Saudi Arabian title. The people labeled as Amaar will also be known as the Master or Mastero. The expression Mastero is given to people that have the name Ammar, simply because they believe they are the masters of everything. Also, many owners of the name Ammar have an American accent and like to say 'ma lacker' (my locker).