What does amigo mean?

amigo meaning in General Dictionary

A friend a Spanish term used in the Philippine Islands to friendly locals

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  • a buddy or comrade

amigo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"friend, comrade," usually a kind of address, 1837, American English (very first attested in the phrase adios, Amigo), from Spanish amigo, actually "friend," from Latin amicus "friend," linked to amare "to love" (see Amy).

amigo - Spanish to English

chum [coll.]

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  • friend
  • penfriend

amigo - German to English

amigo [Spanish for: friend]

Sentence Examples with the word amigo

Gil Sanches, an illegitimate son of Sancho I., and we possess a cantar de amigo in Galician-Portuguese, the first literary vehicle of the whole Peninsula, which appears to be the work of Sancho himself, and addressed to his concubine, A.

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