What does amidst mean?

amidst meaning in General Dictionary

into the midst or center of surrounded or encompassed by among

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  • Alt. of Amid

amidst meaning in Etymology Dictionary

a variant of amid (q.v.) with adverbial genitive -s and parasitic -t. Amidde became amyddes (13c.) and acquired a -t by 1560s, probably by association with superlatives in -st. Discover a tendency to make use of amidst more distributively than amid, e.g. of things spread about, or a thing going, in the middle of others. [OED]

amidst meaning in General Dictionary

(prep.) Alt. of Amid

Sentence Examples with the word amidst

Then it is lost amidst the jungle-covered hills of the wild Mishmi and Abor tribes to the east of Bhutan for another ioo m., until it is again found as the Dihong emerging into the plains of Assam.

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