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See Amidst

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  • See Amidst.
  • when you look at the midst or middle of; surrounded or encompassed by; among.

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late 14c., from amidde (c.1200), from Old English on middan "in the middle," from dative singular of midde "mid, middle" (identify center); the phrase evidently ended up being thought as "in (the) center" and therefore followed closely by a genitive situation, and if this had endured we might abide by it today with of. (See amidst for additional development along this range). Equivalent applies to equivalents in Latin (in medio) and Greek (en meso), both originally adjective expressions which evolved to make the genitive situation. However in later on Old English on middan additionally was treated as a preposition and followed by dative. Used in substances from early 13c. (including amidships, attested from 1690s and retaining the genitive, since the substances usually did in early center English, suggesting this is dramatically more than the written record of it.)

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amid meaning in General Dictionary

(prep.) Inside midst or middle of; encircled or encompassed by; among.

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After the mud had been mostly removed by flowing water, these eroded forms remained amid the new growths.

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