What does amiable mean?

amiable meaning in General Dictionary

Lovable lovely pleasing

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  • disposed to kindly
  • diffusing warmth and friendliness
  • Lovable; lovely; pleasing.
  • Friendly; kindly; nice; gracious; because, an amiable mood or mood; amiable tips.
  • Possessing sweetness of disposition; having sweetness of temper, kind-heartedness, etc., that causes someone to be liked; since, an amiable girl.
  • Done regarding love.

amiable meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Old French amiable, from Late Latin amicabilis "friendly," from amicus "friend," associated with amare "to love" (see Amy). The shape perplexed in Old French with amable "lovable," from Latin amare. Reborrowed later on in appropriate Latin kind as amicable.

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amiable meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Lovable; lovely; pleasing.

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  • (a.) Friendly; kindly; sweet; gracious; because, an amiable temperament or feeling; amiable a few ideas.
  • (a.) having sweetness of personality; having sweetness of mood, kind-heartedness, etc., which causes one to be liked; since, an amiable lady.
  • (a.) Done off love.

Sentence Examples with the word amiable

Worse men had been less detested, but Danby had none of the amiable virtues which often counteract the odium incurred by serious faults.

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