What does americanization mean?

americanization meaning in General Dictionary

the entire process of Americanizing

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  • assimilation into American culture
  • the entire process of Americanizing.

americanization meaning in Urban Dictionary

Americanization involves editing completely offensive material in Anime and Manga from Japan, that's population isn't since uptight due to the fact Protestants we've right here, in the US. This usually doesn't improve quality of the anime. Cool activity moments (violence), descriptive language (expletives), intimate moments (nudity), and shounen/shoujo-ai (homosexuality) is normally impacted.

americanization meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1816, noun of condition or action from Americanize.

americanization meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The entire process of Americanizing.

Sentence Examples with the word americanization

Settled beyond the zone of the railway, and in the remote rural regions the process of Americanization was slow.

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