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utilized mostly by those who inhabit the United Kingdom/Britain or accross the pond.Describes and denotes the absolute insufficient: - intelect - self-respect - imagination - government servicesin a place and in which its population could be: - enthusiastic about take out - clinicly overweight - incapable of speak English GB - incapable of write English GB or standard Prose. - comprising chavs - not able to get 80 on an IQ test - very communal, no these types of thing in old-fashioned England, we hate our neighbours.Note: this term is NOT spelt with a Z.The act of Americanisation is where some thing is made to adhere to the aforementioned. Americanising a residential area would contains getting a McDonalds built. Something which has-been dumbned-down so much on be appropriate individuals of an extremely reduced (and on occasion even bad) IQ.The making of every little thing worse.