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just what the filipino locals call pinoys which have that us swag that may nevertheless talk within the local tongue. Almost self-explanatory..but its especially used by asian fobs to mention to an American son. 1 A place individuals are from2 a method to describe people from that spot incidentally they dance Hell. Literally. Just away from Amboy, there is a large black colored crater - Amboy crater. Legend has it this is when Lucifer arrived when he was thrown from hell.into the Bible, it states that there will a be a tree that grow in mere two locations on Earth. Those two locations would be the spot closest on entrance to hell plus the location nearest into the entry to Heaven. The Joshua Tree develops in Amboy. The sole various other destination that it develops is Jerusalem.Amboy can also be in which Charles Manson was born and raised and it is the place where he committed nearly all his murders.Satanists collect there every Halloween doing whatever creepy stuff Satanists do.