What does ambivalence mean?

ambivalence meaning in General Dictionary

mixed emotions or feelings doubt or vacillation in creating a choice

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  • combined emotions or thoughts

ambivalence meaning in Urban Dictionary

simultaneous and contradictory emotions toward the exact same item that may cause psychological "splitting", in which a subject seperates irreconcilable components of his/her personality.

ambivalence meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"simultaneous conflicting emotions," 1924 (1912 as ambivalency), from German Ambivalenz, coined 1910 by Swiss psychologist Eugen Bleuler (1857-1939) on type of German Equivalenz "equivalence," etc., from Latin ambi- "both" (see ambi-) + valentia "energy," from present participle of valere "be powerful" (see valiant). A psychological term that by 1929 had taken on a broader literary and general sense.

Sentence Examples with the word ambivalence

They showed ambivalence with regard to the second decision.

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