What does ambiguous mean?

ambiguous meaning in General Dictionary

skeptical or unsure particularly in value to signification capable of being comprehended either in of a couple of possible senses equivocal as an ambiguous training course an ambiguous phrase

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  • having no intrinsic or objective definition; maybe not organized in conventional patterns
  • open to several interpretations; or of uncertain nature or value; or (often) designed to mislead
  • having several possible meaning
  • Doubtful or unsure, particularly in value to signification; with the capacity of becoming grasped in either of several possible senses; equivocal; since, an ambiguous training course; an ambiguous phrase.

ambiguous meaning in Law Dictionary

expression that is not clearly grasped. The various interpretations may cause confusion. This is often done purposely or because there is a general decreased knowledge.

ambiguous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from Latin ambiguus "having double meaning, shifting, changeable, skeptical," adjective produced from ambigere "to dispute about," virtually "to roam," from ambi- "about" (see ambi-) + agere "drive, lead, act" (see work). Sir Thomas much more (1528) seemingly have very first used it in English, but ambiguity goes back to c.1400. Relevant: Ambiguously; ambiguousness.

ambiguous meaning in Business Dictionary

not clear or unsure. An ambiguous term is the one that's not easy to understand, and often could possibly be interpreted different ways. Some thing uncertain can occasionally be misleading, either intentionally or unintentionally, since the interpreter does not work out to figure out the particular meaning. The conditions and terms of a website, or even the warranty of something, if written with ambiguity, can lead to a consumer not knowing the effects of specific habits.

ambiguous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) skeptical or unsure, particularly in respect to signification; with the capacity of becoming comprehended in either of two or more feasible senses; equivocal; since, an ambiguous course; an ambiguous appearance.

Sentence Examples with the word ambiguous

Ariamnes (68-53) played an ambiguous part.

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