What does ambiguity mean?

ambiguity meaning in General Dictionary

the high quality or condition to be ambiguous doubtfulness or anxiety specially regarding signification of language as a result of its admitting greater than one meaning an equivocal word or appearance

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  • an expression whoever definition may not be determined from the context
  • unclearness by virtue of experiencing more than one definition
  • the product quality or state to be uncertain; doubtfulness or anxiety, specifically as to the signification of language, arising from the admitting of more than one meaning; an equivocal word or appearance.

ambiguity meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. whenever language features several definition. If the ambiguity is obvious it really is called "patent," if there is certainly a concealed ambiguity it really is known as "latent." If you have an ambiguity, and the original copywriter cannot successfully describe it, then the ambiguity are decided into the light most favorable to another celebration.

ambiguity meaning in Law Dictionary

Doubtfulness; doubleness of meaning; indistinctness or doubt of concept of a manifestation used in a written instrument. Ninrlle v. State Bank, 13 Neb. 245, 13 N. W. 275; Ellmaker v. Ellmaker, 4 Watts (I'a.) 89; Kraner v. Ilalsey, 82 Cal. 209, 22 Pac. 1137; Ward v. Epsy, 6 Humph. (Tenn.) 447. An ambiguity is either latent or patent. This is the former, where language utilized Is clear and intelligible and shows but an individual meaning, however extrinsic fact or extraneous research produces essential for interpretation or an option among a couple of possible meanings. But a patent ambiguity is that which appears from the face regarding the tool, and comes from the defective, obscure, or insensible language used. Carter v. Holman, 60 Mo. 504; Brown v. Guice, 46 skip. 302; Stokeley v. Gordon, 8 Md. 505; Chambers v. Iiingstaff, 09 Ala. 140; Hawkins v. Garland, 76 Va. 152, 44 Are. Rep. 158; Hand v. Hoffman, 8 N. J. Law, 71; Ives v. Kimball, 1 Mich. 313; Palmer v. Albee, 50 Iowa, 431; Petrie v. Hamilton College, 158 N. Y. 458, 53 N. E. 216. Synonyms. Ambiguity of language will be distinguished from unintelligibility and inaccuracy, for words may not be reported to be ambiguous unless their particular signification seems doubtful and unsure to persons of skilled skill and understanding to understand them. Tale, Contr. 272. The word "ambiguity" does not consist of mere inaccuracy, or such doubt as comes from making use of particular words, or of typical words in a peculiar feeling. Wig. Wills, 174.

ambiguity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "uncertainty, question, indecision, hesitation," also from Medieval Latin ambiguitatem (nominative ambiguitas) "double meaning, equivocalness, two fold good sense," noun of condition from ambiguus (see uncertain).

ambiguity meaning in Business Dictionary

Doubtfulness of definition, or uncertainty of intention, that produces a document effective at being comprehended in two or even more senses. Ambiguity is usually of 2 types (1) Latent ambiguity is not easily evident from the language or text of a document, but arises whenever document is performed or translated along with another document, and (2) Patent ambiguity arises straight through the language or text regarding the document it self.

ambiguity meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The product quality or state to be uncertain; doubtfulness or doubt, specifically as to the signification of language, as a result of its admitting in excess of one definition; an equivocal term or appearance.

Sentence Examples with the word ambiguity

The ambiguity begins to disappear as more explanations are made.

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