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hindu goddess; wife of Lord Shiva;A.K.A durga, parvati, shakti ;mother of Lord Ganesha; 1.weird, smelly, throws fits by hitting fists up against the table2.get a 300 from the math NJ ASK ensure that you loves a guy called pawel and nick3.thinks these are generally a yellow donkey but is really a hairy monkey/ape 1. thing that's weird, smelly, and whom loves to put fits by striking fists against table2. thing who believes one is a yellow donkey but is really a hairy monkey/ape.3. thing which got 300 on mathematics ask test, who really loves nick and pawel.4. thing who wants to have countless sexual activity with nick and pawel.5. thing whom in addition would like to fart on teddy bears.6. thing whom makes watching gay porn her preferred pastime.7. thing that is as yet not known to be a lady without question.8. thing who consumes kids for breakfast.9. thing who's, internally, really a wrinkly grandfather.10. thing which loves to play pranks by tossing pancakes on roof.11. thing who throws blueberries up against the wall space, pretending it's blue paint.12. thing who jumps on house windows pretending to travel, since would a male goose.13. thing who plays darts, intending at a poster of a naked frog.14. OMG.15. thing which kills spiders with a spoon so she can eat all of them.16. thing who stares at mr. elegance's 2 pack and beer stomach during course.17. thing which waves at nutcrackers.18. thing who gets stimulated by looking at old printers.19. thing which bites off the minds of ants.20. thing which married a doll.21. thing who'd pinecone young ones using doll.22. thing who has intimate fantasies about michael jackson.23. thing who, utilizing a lightbulb, handles to daydream.24. thing which dances in man thongs.25. thing whom poops out infants, rather than poop.26. thing just who draws on its head to grow hair.27. thing which utilizes notebooks as wood paddles.28. thing whom throws baseballs at snowmen.29. thing who uses her bloodstream as butter.30. thing who may have tried to quit smoking cigarettes before.31. thing which listens to car crashes as music.32. thing which tends to make synthetic toy noses.33. thing whom swings on trees.34. thing who's a mailman.35. thing just who speaks like a snail.36. thing whom uses paper bags as wings.37. thing just who utilizes a hat as a toilet dish.38. thing who washes yourself with coffee.39. thing just who drives a clown car.40. OMG.41. things whom attracts little individuals on her stomach, and talks to them just as if these were live.42. thing just who plays its mom's elastic bands.43. thing who plays with a light switch hoping it's going to switch on the refrigerator.44. thing who eats tape.45. thing which sings to trampolines.46. thing whom paints her feet.47. thing who slams her head-on keyboards.48. thing just who believes a scarf is a jumprope.49. thing just who calls santa claus every evening for a get collectively. *wink wink*50. thing just who sits on ledges, screaming at people walking listed below.