What does ambi- mean?

ambi- meaning in Etymology Dictionary

word-forming factor meaning "both, on both edges," from Latin ambi- "around, round about," from PIE *ambhi "around" (cognates: Greek amphi "round about;" Sanskrit abhitah "on both edges," abhi "toward, to;" Avestan aibi; Old English ymbe, German um; Gaulish ambi-, Old Irish imb- "round about, about;" Old Church Slavonic oba; Lithuanian abu "both"). The PIE root most likely is an ablative plural of *ant-bhi "from both sides," from *ant- "front, forehead" (identify ante).

ambi- meaning in General Dictionary

A prefix definition about, around; -- found in terms derived from the Latin.

ambi- meaning in General Dictionary

A prefix meaning about, around; -- utilized in words produced from the Latin.

Sentence Examples with the word ambi-

This vigorous despot, whose ambi- Henry vI tions were not all chimerical, had succeeded where his predecessors, including Frederick, had failed.

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