What does ambassador mean?

ambassador meaning in General Dictionary

A minister associated with greatest ranking delivered to a foreign court to represent here their sovereign or country

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  • a casual representative
  • a diplomat regarding the greatest rank; accredited as agent from one country to some other
  • Alt. of Embassador

ambassador meaning in Law Dictionary

In International law. A public oflicer, clothed with a high diplomatic powers, commissioned by a sovereign prince or condition to transact the intercontinental company of their federal government during the courtroom, of nation that he could be delivered. Ambassador may be the commissioner who represents one nation when you look at the chair of government of some other. He could be a public minister, which, usually, a consul is certainly not. Brown. Ambassador is one sent by one sovereign to another, with authority, by letters of credence, to take care of on matters of condition. Jacob.

ambassador meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., additionally embassador, from center French ambassadeur, from Old French embassator, via verified

ambassador meaning in Business Dictionary

Highest ranking diplomatic agent of one sovereign state to another. She or he is the principle officer of an embassy that is normally found in the money of the country. Anyone chosen as an ambassador needs to be acceptable toward host country and might be announced 'persona non grata' before or after taking on any office. Diplomatic resistance and personal security regarding the ambassador (hence of his or her staff) tend to be formally guaranteed in full throughout the world because the 1815 congress of Vienna and were amplified by the 1961 Vienna Convention On Diplomatic Relations. See also high commissioner.

ambassador meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Embassador

Sentence Examples with the word ambassador

He was governor-general of Crete; and in 1895 was appointed Ottoman ambassador in London, a post which he continued to hold until his death at Constantinople in 1902.

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