What does amazingkae mean?

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Amazing (above and beyond) + ok (regular) = amazingkaePronounced "AHhhh-MAZE-ing K-AE", common to urban city or coastline tradition dialects, amazingkae is an inclusive term accustomed describe anything good *and* unusual: term of endearment used about person, destination, or thing: action of becoming perfect and transcending the conventional in almost every day activity. 1. Beyond "okay", the term implies success towards the extreme. (adj/adv)2. A situation of perfection that an original individual attains. An individual above and beyond the standard, common, or ordinary. (verb)3. Okay to the stage to be amazing. Beyond sensational. Better in high quality. (adj)4. Amazingly good, awesome person, location, thing, or idea. (noun)5. Fabulous, as in the perfect taste. Typically called Nice, Heavenly, Divine. (adj)6. Unpredictible beauty. "Drop Dead Gorgeous". "Dishy". Enticing and sexy. (adj/noun/adv/verb)7. Unexpected victory or victory due to a meaningful occurance or conversation that just impacts things in a positive way. (verb)SYNONYM: PricelessANTONYM: banal