What does amazement mean?

amazement meaning in General Dictionary

the health of becoming amazed bewilderment Obs overwhelming question as from surprise unexpected anxiety horror or admiration

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  • the sensation that accompanies something acutely astonishing
  • the health of being surprised; bewilderment [Obs.]; overwhelming wonder, since from surprise, sudden fear, scary, or admiration.
  • Frenzy; madness.

amazement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "mental stupefaction," early use of the Latin suffix with a native verb, from amaze + -ment. Meaning "overwhelming wonder" is c.1600.

amazement meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The condition of becoming surprised; bewilderment [Obs.]; overwhelming question, because from surprise, unexpected concern, horror, or admiration.

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  • (letter.) Frenzy; madness.

Sentence Examples with the word amazement

Dessalles looked in amazement at the prince, who was talking of the Niemen when the enemy was already at the Dnieper, but Princess Mary, forgetting the geographical position of the Niemen, thought that what her father was saying was correct.

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