What does amazaing mean?

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Brett Swinton-Bland, is amazaing.Because he is dyslexic yet he's the IQ within the top 5percent population within the United Kingdom.Because he will need an operation on his leg that may influence their medical assesment for their desired job however hes nevertheless trying for his fantasy career.Because hes therefore real and a laugh becoming around.Because he gives vaseline to your needy.Because hes small when anyone compliment him he denies it.Because he is Welsh.Because he's good taste in music and great style good sense.Because he could be an excellent leader and somebody you can easily count on.Because he could be constantly here for folks who need you to definitely chat to.Because hes these types of a cutie, the things he says could make women blush.Because he is able to disguinish a blind guy from a terrorist.Because he can act homosexual but can escape it by saying "no homo".Thats why you are amazing :)More become added ;)