What does amateur mean?

amateur meaning in General Dictionary

an individual attached with a particular quest research or science concerning music or painting esp person who cultivates any study or art from taste or accessory without pursuing it professionally

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  • lacking professional ability or expertise
  • engaged in as a pastime
  • an athlete would you not play for pay
  • a person who pursues research or recreation as a pastime
  • people mounted on a certain pursuit, study, or technology concerning songs or painting; esp. one that cultivates any study or art, from style or attachment, without following it expertly.

amateur meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1784, "one who may have a taste for (anything)," from French amateur "lover of," from Latin amatorem (nominative amator) "lover," agent noun from amatus, previous participle of amare "to love" (see Amy). Meaning "dabbler" (instead of expert) is from 1786. As an adjective, by 1838.

amateur meaning in Sports Dictionary

Describes anyone who will not make anything for taking component in an activity. (sport: The Olympic Games)

amateur - German to English

Amateur [Hal Hartley]

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  • amateur
  • dabbler
  • scrub [sl.] [pej.]

amateur - French to English


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  • amateur

amateur meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) You mounted on a specific goal, study, or research regarding songs or painting; esp. person who cultivates any research or art, from flavor or accessory, without seeking it skillfully.

Sentence Examples with the word amateur

He was also known as a patron of art and literature and an amateur painter of no little merit.

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