What does amarillo mean?

amarillo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

name directed at several types of American trees, from Spanish, from Arabic anbari "yellow, amber-colored," from anbar "amber" (see emerald). The town Amarillo in Tx, U.S., could be so named through the color of the financial institutions of a nearby flow.

amarillo meaning in Cooking Dictionary

[Spanish] yellowish; ready plantain.

amarillo meaning in General Dictionary

a city in north panhandle of Tx

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Sentence Examples with the word amarillo

Are: Mount Cochico (8255 ft.), Campanario, (13,140 ft.), Peteroa (13,297 ft.), Tinguiririca, Castillo (16,J35 ft.), Volcano Maipu (17,576 ft.), Alvarado (14,600 ft.), Amarillo (15,321 ft.), Volcano San Jose (19,849 ft.), Piuquenes (17,815 ft.), and Volcano Bravard (19,619 ft.).

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