What does alwi alwis mean?

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a person on a much higher level than you, many understood unknown, determined, charming, funny, exceedingly strong willpower and philosophical. can immediately pick up what's going on in just about any scenario and cannot be played, even if you take to your absolute best, he'll see all the way through it as a result of his power to see things from every angle/perspective/view point. has its own buddies because he's always indeed there for them and then he's always down to chill. he just complements it, hangs loose, and profits with life. 1)some guy which is very sexy. Some one that can outfit and sweet talk a woman into loving him. He frequently makes every girl he talks to love him but doesn't mean to. He's a sweet and down-to-earth man. He's amazing in the bedroom. As he features these girls waiting for him, he is seeking the right choice.2)the name for a guy who's so hot you cant think it. he's breathtaking eyes and loves mango nectar. these mystical creatures will also be considered to be very well endowed and nice in bed.