What does always mean?

always meaning in General Dictionary

At all times ever perpetually throughout all-time continuously as God is always the exact same

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  • without variation or change, in every situation
  • without disruption
  • at any time or in any event
  • permanently; throughout in history
  • always; constantly as well as on every occasion
  • constantly; previously; constantly; throughout all-time; constantly; because, God is always the same.
  • Constancy during a particular duration, or on a regular basis at reported periods; invariably; uniformly; -- in opposition to sometimes or occasionally.

always meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., chemical of Old English phrase ealne weg "always, quite, constantly," actually "completely," with accusative of space or distance, though the earliest recorded usages relate to time; see all + means (n.). The adverbial genitive -s showed up very early 13c. and is now the standard, although variant alway survived into 1800s. OED speculates allway was originally of area or distance, "but currently into the oldest Eng. transferred to an extent of the time."

always meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Constantly; ever before; perpetually; throughout in history; continuously; because, God is always the exact same.

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  • (adv.) Constancy during a specific duration, or on a regular basis at stated periods; usually; consistently; -- opposed to occasionally or occasionally.

Sentence Examples with the word always

The bulk of these in due course underwent transformation either complete or partial, but there was always a residuum of incongruous and inconsistent elements existing side by side with the essential truths of Christianity.

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