What does altogether mean?

altogether meaning in General Dictionary

nakedness made use of mainly within the expression ldquoin the altogetherrdquo

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  • altogether conjointly
  • with every thing considered (and neglecting details)
  • with everything included or counted
  • casual terms for nakedness
  • to an entire level or even to the total or entire level (`whole' is normally used informally for `wholly')
  • completely; conjointly.
  • Without exemption; completely; totally.

altogether meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 13c., altogedere, a strengthened form of all (also see collectively); used in the sense of "an entire" from 1660s. The altogether "nude" is from 1894.

altogether meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Altogether; conjointly.

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  • (adv.) Without exemption; completely; totally.

Sentence Examples with the word altogether

Owen, and is not altogether trustworthy, while the restoration of some of the missing From Owen.

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