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frequently kiddies of the rich and famous, primarily the entertainment industry, with attended any of the l . a . large schools (mostly private and on the West part) (Crossroads, brand new Roads, Harvard-Westlake, Marymount, Archer, Windward, Wildwood, Marlborough, Malibu High, etc.) and in the end utilize their standing to be key numbers of alternative tradition. Alumni previously took advantageous asset of their condition to enter Hollywood, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Ebony getting household brands. The pupils of those schools now aim for the trendier though finally less lucrative job path to become performers in alt globe, because of partly to the development of this Internet plus the opening of this indie floodgates circa 2006-2008. Most of them live-in Malibu, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood or any other high earnings suburbs, even though they will deny this and condition they are from "LA" to avoid embarrassment. They desperately attempt to conceal from their parent's cash, although they do not have problem spending it. They take photos of their meals at Urth Caffe and post them on the net every day. Underage girls fill the likes of The odor nightly so as to enhance their alt visibility. Obtained no problem financing Coachella trips, often attending both vacations. If they graduate they fill famous brands nyc, bay area, Portland, Echo Park and Silverlake. You will confront one or more at nearly every party.