What does although mean?

although meaning in General Dictionary

give all this work be it that supposing that notwithstanding though

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  • give all this work; be it that; supposing that;u000du000a notwithstanding; however.

although meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., althagh, ingredient of all + though, showing once-common emphatic utilization of all. "All though was initially more emphatic than however, but by 1400 it was almost just a variant from it, and all having thus lost its separate power, the expression ended up being written as one term" [OED].

although meaning in General Dictionary

(conj.) Give all this; be it that; supposing that; notwithstanding; though.

Sentence Examples with the word although

The skull is conical, stout and heavy, and the teeth, although sharper and less rounded than those of badgers, are less suited to a carnivorous diet than those of stoats, weasels and martens.

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