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a worldwide system implemented by 2050 changing the old data-exchange system associated with the change associated with the century known as the "internet" (aka deadnet). The hierarchical structure associated with initial system was the inherent security flaw that generated its distrust and failure throughout the later worldwide corporate revolts.The Alternet is a decentralized, peer-to-peer net useful for political, economic and personal tasks over the world. It had been implemented to serve as the stateless conduit for a multimetric politico-economy and social forum to ensure direct democracy and human egalitarianism. The device is totally wireless unlike the strict hierarchical framework of old that sent information across rotting copper-wire infrastructure.Each device directly playing this method is named an io. Information spreads in waves throughout the whole system making sure that each io can separately process collective user feedback locally in the place of trusting a remote server possessed by another to take care of and dissipate bitstreams. Secure info is initially encoded before likewise waving across random routes regarding the web. Instead of a centralized system of ip addressing, each new io is instantly added to the current collectively provided indexing system without the need for manual assignment. Every person has the constitutional right to acquire and access an io since it is the means through which a person's democratic involvement is provided. Linked to each io is a few regional devices such as homepliances and wallfaces.