What does alternator mean?

alternator meaning in General Dictionary

an electrical generator or dynamo for creating alternating currents

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  • a classic term for an electric powered generator that produces alternating current (especially in automobiles)

alternator meaning in Urban Dictionary

A generator that transforms mechanical power into electricity, particularly AC energy (alternating-current). These are typically present cars. They make it pass asking battery pack and maintaining an electric current to one or more of the after items: a) spark plugs, b) air conditioning, c) stereo, d) power windows, e) various pumping components... etc.

alternator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1878, broker noun in Latin kind from alternate (v.).

Sentence Examples with the word alternator

Up to that time an induction coil known as a ro-inch coil had sufficed for spark production, but it was evident that much more power would be required to send electric waves across the Atlantic. Transformers were therefore employed taking alternating electric current from an alternator driven by an oil or steam engine, and these high tension transformers were used to charge condensers and set up powerful oscillations in a multiple antenna.

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