What does alteration mean?

alteration meaning in General Dictionary

The act of altering or making various

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  • an event occurring when something passes in one state or stage to a different
  • the act of revising or altering (concerning reconsideration and customization)
  • the work of earning something different (as e.g. how big a garment)
  • The work of altering or making different.
  • The state of being altered; a big change produced in the form or nature of something; changed problem.

alteration meaning in Law Dictionary

Variation; altering; making different. See ALTER. A modification is an act done upon the tool wherein its definition or language is altered. If what's written upon or erased from instrument doesn't have tendency to create this outcome, or to mislead anybody, it is not a modification. Oliver v. Hawley, 5 Neb. 444. An alteration is said to be product when it impacts, or may impact, the rights associated with individuals contemplating the document. Synonyms. An act done upon a written tool, which, without destroying the identification of  the document, introduces some change into its terms, definition, language, or details is an alteration. This might be done often because of the mutual agreement associated with the parties concerned, or by an individual interested in writing without consent, or without knowledge, regarding the other people. In either case it really is precisely denominated a modification; but if carried out by a mere stranger, it really is much more theoretically referred to as a spoliation or mutilation. Cochran v. Ne- beker, 48 Ind. 402. The term isn't correctly applied to any change that involves the substitution of a practically new document. Plus it should in strictness become set aside when it comes to designation of alterations in form or language, and not used in combination with mention of the improvements in things of compound. The expression can also be become distinguished from “defacement,” which conveys the concept of an obliteration or destruction of scars, signs, or characters currently present. An addition which will not alter or restrict the prevailing markings or indications, but gives another type of tenor or relevance to the whole, are a modification, but is perhaps not a defacement. Linney v. State, 6 Tex. 1, 55 Am. Dec. 756. Once again, when you look at the legislation of wills, there is a big change between revocation and alteration. If understanding done easily removes the thing that was given before, or part of it, it really is a revocation ; however, if it offers one thing additionally or in replacement, then it's a modification. Selling point of Miles, 68 Conn. 237, 36 Atl. 39, 36 L. It. A. 176.

alteration meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "action of changing," from Old French alteracion (14c.) "alter, alteration," and right from Medieval Latin alterationem (nominative alteratio), noun of activity from previous participle stem lately Latin alterare (see change). Meaning "change in personality or look" is from 1530s; that "improvement in ready-made clothing to accommodate a customer's requirements" is from 1901. Associated: Alterations.

alteration meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Change that doesn't affect the basic personality or framework associated with the thing it is applied to. See also adjustment and alteration. 2. Legal: Change made to a legal document (particularly a deed or will) that'll influence its credibility. If modification alters the feeling or effectation of a legal document, that document is usually invalidated.

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  • alteration

alteration meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. alter, other) In Aristotle's viewpoint change of high quality, as distinguished from modification of volume (development and diminution) and from modification of spot (locomotion). -- G.R.M.

alteration meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of changing or making various.

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  • (n.) Hawaii of being altered; a big change made in the proper execution or nature of something; changed problem.

Sentence Examples with the word alteration

In this connexion it is worth pointing out that the homily against idolatry was reprinted, without alteration and by the king's authority, long after altar lights had been restored under the influence of the high church party supreme at court.

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