What does alter emo mean?

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The alter emo could be the freedom to state your emotions without restorting to depressive methods of the EMO kid.The alter emo is a mixture of goth, punk, & skate...minus the negativity surrounding the aforementioned styles. The change emo wears designer clothes & add-ons. In addition to the black colored they have been fearless when incorporating color;on hair, nails, clothing, etc. their change emo is typically contemporary & fashion forward with regards to the conventional emo appearance of heavy eyeliner, tight garments & studded devices. Usually the change emo protrays the emo appearance but has a less discouraging attitude towards life, household & friends. They arent old-school like many were made to believe. They normally use blog sites perhaps not diaries. They possess the lastest tech toys & enjoy retro & modern-day songs alike. the alter emo is not strictly vegan nor suicidal. The alter emo doesnt shed credibility for in fact having cash, staying in a suburban area, coping with moms and dads & if you are straight edge.