What does alter ego mean?

alter ego meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a corporation, organization or other entity setup to give a legal guard when it comes to person really managing the operation. Demonstrating that these types of a company is a cover or alter ego for real defendant stops working that defense, however it can be tough to prove total control by someone. When it comes to corporations, demonstrating a person is an alter ego is just one means of "piercing the organization veil." In case problem, it could be stated (pleaded) that "the Hotshot Corporation was the alter ego of Joseph Snakeoil."

alter ego meaning in Law Dictionary

document that holds stockholders and directors accountable for loss. This might be made use of once the business is a front. It is not the separate entity imagined by business law.

alter ego meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Latin phrase (used by Cicero), "a moment self, a trusted buddy" (compare Greek allos ego); see alter and pride.

alter ego meaning in Business Dictionary

appropriate doctrine that lifts or pierces the 'corporate veil' (restricted private obligation of stockholders in a small obligation firm) and keeps the administrators and stockholders actually responsible for the company's debts. It's applicable usually where it may be shown your company is only a conduit or front for individual transactions of certain individual(s). Which, essentially, the company does not occur as a separate and separate entity envisaged inside corporate legislation. Latin for, one other I.

alter ego meaning in General Dictionary

a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

alter ego - German to English

alter pride

Sentence Examples with the word alter ego

He became what is known in Spain as a valido - something more than a prime minister, the favourite and alter ego of the king.

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