What does alten mean?

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An Alten is an incredible woman. She enables you to laugh each time you see this lady. She's the funniest individual any person would know. She's fun, loving, caring, has a good spontaneity, and it is some body can help you something stupid with and get away with it. An alten is also a girk who is amazingly gorgeous. An Alten is overall the most amazing woman and you may never ever wish allow her to leave your places. To make an Alten as you, you need to make the woman look. Then you'll definitely have her heart permanently.

Sentence Examples with the word alten

A tablet copied by George Smith gives us interesting details as to the plan and dimensions of this famous temple of Bel; a plan based on these will be found in Hommel's Grundriss der Geographie and Geschichte des alten Orients, p. 321.

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