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1. In songs, brief for Alternative.2. In RPG, short for Alternate ID.3. In MPD, quick for change or persona.4. In keyboarding, the Alt secret, positioned merely to the left of space bar.5. In HTML, the alternative text attribute of the img tag. In MMPORGS like MUDs, a reference to a player's supplementary--thus "alternative"--avatar/character. Not the gamer's main personality but one useful for blowing off vapor, avoiding a primary character's duties, or exacting private revenge on a player-character you dislike. gaming: An alternative personality, in place of one primary personality you perform in a-game. Many online games allow the user which will make several characters. Individuals who make alts to an extreme are reported to be altoholics. A long term (as with relationship material) An abreviation for the term "Alternative" meaning the sort of songs. ass licking toe sucker