What does also mean?

also meaning in General Dictionary

In like way likewise

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  • additionally
  • In like manner; likewise.
  • In addition; besides; besides; further; also.
  • whilst; as; therefore.

also meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English eallswa "just like, even as, just as if, whilst, similarly," ingredient of all + therefore. The demonstrative feeling of "similarly" damaged to "in addition to" in 12c., replacing eke. The ingredient has synchronous forms in German in addition, Dutch alzoo.

also - German to English

Well, ...

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  • and thus
  • which
  • therefore
  • therefore
  • anyway
  • therefore

also meaning in General Dictionary

(adv. & conj.) In want manner; similarly.

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  • (adv. & conj.) In addition; besides; as well; more; also.
  • (adv. & conj.) Even as; since; so.

Sentence Examples with the word also

Being also sheltered from the north and east by the hills at the foot of which it nestles, the town enjoys an exceptionally mild climate for its latitude.

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