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an individual who is straight-forward about his opinion, can be a very mean and deviant against folks he considers enemies. he enjoys everything unique and therefore calms him down. loves pussy over something. could be a slacker in some instances but mainly receives the work done. has actually a supressed fury that when unleashed is dangerous to many other by standers Alphonso is a person who does'nt pertically such as the term NO! for a response he could be really persisted and loves to show their points. He can go ahead and on as well as on intell their point is proven he often hides his feeling by anger and doesnt choose to told exactly how he seems unless it is a fact. It is not the person you will not to help make angry, he's a surpressed fury that may be dangerous to other individuals if unleased he loves pussy and is a freak of nature, and then he may be peaceful to start with but when you become familiar with him it comes away and I also MEAN YOUR WHOLE PACKAGE!! yes he has got a huge penis!! often during the chronilogical age of 14 his dig is huge be careful ladies