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I'm guessing you're interested in learning why numerous movies, television shows, and games reference this are not you? Alpha Centauri is most likely one of the most important celebrity systems into the galaxy to us as itis the nearest, just a mere 4.3 light-years away.(yeah real close! lol) yet another thing that makes this star system very important is it sports a G2 star which is basicly a sun just like our personal except the main one into the Alpha Centauri system is bigger. People make reference to this celebrity as Alpha Centauri A, she's a little cousin named Alpha Centauri B which will be a K1 type star and they have an added sibling known as Proxima Centauri which is only a red dwarf many say. It's because for this systems G2 type star numerous think there might be planets that have oceans and other life creating elements. It is because with this that a lot of scifi article writers will usually wish to reference this star system so their particular work has a small foundation of truth and possibility to it.

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brightest celebrity in Centaurus; 2nd nearest star toward sun

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Alpha Centauri