What does alone mean?

alone meaning in General Dictionary

exclusively simply solely

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  • very by people self apart from or unique of other people single individual applied to one or thing
  • without anyone else or anything else
  • with no other individuals being included or included
  • lacking companions or company
  • separated from other individuals
  • unique of any person or other things
  • drastically distinctive and without equal
  • Quite by one's self; besides, or unique of, other individuals; solitary; individual; -- applied to people or thing.
  • Of or by itself; independently; without any thing much more or any one else; without a sharer; only.
  • Sole; only; exclusive.
  • For this reason; Unique; rare; matchless.
  • Solely; merely; solely.

alone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300 contraction of all ane, from Old English all ana "unaccompanied, simply by yourself," from all "all, wholly" (see all) + an "one" (see one). Comparable compounds are observed in German (allein) and Dutch (alleen).

alone meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Quite by one's self; apart from, or unique of, other people; single; individual; -- applied to you or thing.

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  • (a.) Of or alone; by themselves; without any thing more or anybody else; without a sharer; just.
  • (a.) Sole; only; exclusive.
  • (a.) thus; Extraordinary; rare; matchless.
  • (adv.) Entirely; merely; exclusively.

Sentence Examples with the word alone

Whenever a husband dies intestate, leaving a farm or a house and lot in a town or city which was the residence of the family at his death, his widow, widow and children, or children alone if there be no widow, may hold the same as a homestead to the extent of 160 acres if it be a farm, or one acre if it be a town or city lot.

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