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its title for woman. its orgin is hebrew and it means oaktree.its highly popular in isreal (1) a typical title in both Slavic regions (Ukraine, Russia and others) plus Israel. Its popularity in Israel most likely is due to Israel's large populace of Russian/ Ukrainian immigrants.-- Originally a Greek title (produced by title Ἑλένη – Helénē).Can be loosely converted from a Hebrew term 'Alon' referring to the oak tree.Translation: Oak(a)(2) A name of a mountain in Greece. 1. A verb consequently to-be the most effective also to be suprised (while becoming a). An Alona is the foremost being live. She treasures her friends and generally seems to understand everybody else. Beware though, in the event that you anger an Alona, the woman payback are going to be quick and merciless. She likes young ones shows like Sailor Moon, and is extremely huggable. In the event that you come to be pals with an Alona, you have made a friend for a lifetime.