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1.a person who has actually a nose this is certainly too large with their face2.a nose this is certainly too-big for an individuals face Nearly homo, some guy whon't know he's gay yet. An ALMO often marvels the reason why many people think he's homosexual and works very hard not to appear gay. Regardless, a preponderance of research points to his homosexual tendencies. For example, things such as for instance:* beyond metrosexuality, utilization of locks tape as a boy in level school with regards to started early and sassily "turned up" their center school uniform* talks to gay males he satisfies at 1am for hours "because I'm only friendly"* obsesses with pleasure on how much homosexual guys are interested in him* cattily assesses manner faux pas on the road and gets really upset about any of it* and a lot of of all... an ALMO states things such as "I have sick and tired of being the dom." Ass Laughing me personally OffA slang variation of LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off). Internet slang.