What does ally cat pains mean?

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the experience you gets when thier like a cat standing alone in an ally looking at the sky abondond by its former liked ones.Ally cat woman: (tears running down its cheek)(a Tom cat boy stagers by and looks at Ally)Tom pet kid: Whats your damage cat?Ally pet girl: it's already been a single day from tragidy.Tom pet kid: cannot be that bad, your respiration right.Ally cat girl: My ex's brand new girlfriend is just one of the worst types of folks I have previously encounterd.- Long story brief. This evening could be the night of the Hanna Montanna concert. My girl is attending along with her parent. His new gf is these types of a rude bitch that she stated I am not permitted to attend the show with my daughter and all of them due to her insecurity's and constiant drama about me.