What does alluvium mean?

alluvium meaning in General Dictionary

Deposits of planet sand gravel also transported matter produced by streams floods or other causes upon land perhaps not completely submerged under the waters of lakes or seas

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  • clay or silt or gravel held by rushing channels and deposited where in fact the stream decelerates
  • build up of earth, sand, gravel, as well as other transported matter, created by rivers, floods, or any other reasons, upon land not completely submerged beneath the seas of ponds or seas.

alluvium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"matter deposited by moving water," 1660s, from Medieval Latin alluvium, neuter of alluvius "washed against," from Latin alluere "wash against," from ad- "to, against" (see ad-) + -luere, comb. kind of lavere "to wash" (see lave).

alluvium - German to English


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  • Holocene

alluvium meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Deposits of planet, sand, gravel, alongside transported matter, made by rivers, floods, or other factors, upon land not forever submerged beneath the oceans of ponds or seas.

Sentence Examples with the word alluvium

The first of these canals, taken off on the right bank of the river a little below Hit, followed the extreme skirt of the alluvium the whole way to the Persian Gulf near Basra, and thus formed an outer barrier, strengthened at intervals with watch-towers and fortified posts, to protect the cultivated land of the Sawad against the incursions of the desert Arabs.

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