What does alluvial mean?

alluvial meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to contained in or consists of alluvium regarding the build up produced by flowing water washed from one destination and deposited in another as alluvial earth mud accumulations deposits

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  • Alluvial earth specif in Australian Continent gold-bearing alluvial soil
  • of or associated with alluvium
  • with respect to, within, or made up of, alluvium; relating to the deposits created by moving liquid; washed away from one location and deposited an additional; because, alluvial earth, mud, accumulations, deposits.

alluvial meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1802, from Latin alluvius "alluvial" (see alluvium) + -al (1).

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alluvial meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) related to, within, or composed of, alluvium; regarding the build up created by moving liquid; cleaned away from one place and deposited in another; as, alluvial earth, dirt, accumulations, build up.

Sentence Examples with the word alluvial

A little south of Samarra the stony plateau of Mesopotamia ends, and the alluvial plain of Irak, ancient Babylonia, begins.

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