What does allusive mean?

allusive meaning in General Dictionary

Figurative symbolical

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  • described as indirect references
  • Figurative; symbolical.
  • Having mention of the one thing not fully expressed; containing an allusion.

allusive meaning in Urban Dictionary

refers to the all-encompassing capacity of a UFC fighter; more than evasive; the capacity to use every thing also to prevent every thing all at the same time

allusive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin allus-, past participle stem of alludere (see allude) + -ive. Relevant: Allusively; allusiveness.

allusive meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Figurative; symbolical.

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  • (a.) Having mention of anything maybe not completely expressed; containing an allusion.

Sentence Examples with the word allusive

It wearies by the constant strain after effect, its mock-heroics and allusive periphrasis, and excites distrust by its want of moderation.

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