What does allure mean?

allure meaning in General Dictionary

Gait bearing

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  • Allurement
  • To attempt to draw to tempt by a lure or bait that is because of the provide of some really good real or obvious to invite by some thing flattering or appropriate to entice to attract
  • dispose or incline or entice to
  • the energy to entice or attract through individual appeal
  • To attempt to draw; to tempt by a lure or bait, that's, by the offer of the right, real or obvious; to ask by anything flattering or acceptable; to entice; to entice.
  • Allurement.
  • Gait; bearing.

allure meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, from Anglo-French alurer, Old French aleurer "to entice, captivate; teach a falcon to hunt," from

allure - French to English

appearance [demeanour]

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  • gait
  • pace
  • rate

allure meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To attempt to draw; to tempt by a lure or bait, that is, because of the offer of some good, genuine or evident; to invite by one thing flattering or appropriate; to entice; to entice.

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  • (letter.) Allurement.
  • (n.) Gait; bearing.

Sentence Examples with the word allure

To allure and attract them to visit the flower the odoriferous secretions and gay colours are developed, and the position and complicated structure of the parts of the flower are adapted to the perfect performance of the process, It is comparatively rare in hermaphrodite flowers for self-fertilization to occur, and the various forms of dichogamy, dimorphism and trimorphism are fitted to prevent this.

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