What does alloy steel mean?

alloy steel meaning in General Dictionary

Any steel containing a significant number of another metal alloyed with the metal typically chromium nickel manganese tungsten or vanadium

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  • steel whom characteristics are decided by the inclusion of other elements as well as carbon

alloy steel meaning in Law Dictionary

When an iron based alloy has actually silicon, copper, manganese, and tungsten put into it to create a steel. Any steel with non standard amounts of the aforementioned elements is carbon metal.

alloy steel meaning in Business Dictionary

Iron-based alloy containing at the very least 0.5 percent silicon, 0.6 % copper, 1.65 per cent manganese, and minute degrees of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and/or tungsten. Metal that will not include specified or standard number of more than one alloying elements is called carbon steel.